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Collection: Mens Square Cut Swimwear

With beach weather fast approaching, and beach bodies being toned, tightened, and (faux) tanned to bodily perfection, there’s no better time to be checking out the latest swimwear styles. As a cross between retro Americana and Euro playboy, the new mens square cut swimwear should be at the top of your watch list.

Mens square cut swimwear are sure to turn heads on the beach this summer, and earn you and your finely tuned beach bod more than a few appreciative glances. You’ve worked hard for that body—capitalize with a swimwear style that shows it off. The fresh and sexy slim fit accentuates masculine curves and the cut gives lift and support to a full package. The super low-rider waist leaves just enough to the imagination, while still keeping you cool on a scorching day and helping you avoid obvious tan lines. Mens square cut swimwear are the premier style of choice—perfect for the guy who knows where he’s going, and knows how good he can look getting there.

If you want swimwear that does double duty as a fashion statement, all while keeping your junk comfortably cupped—the new take on mens square cut swimwear is the right choice for you.

As usual, we keep our finger firmly on the pulse of this new style, and offer the best selection of square cuts on the market right now. If you’re fanboying over wild prints and crazy motifs, we’ve got styles that draw attention exactly where you want it most. For a bold sports vibe with a sexy edge, try a simple sports stripe or football lace-up. Finally, for the classic gentleman looking for sleek, dick-hugging simplicity, a monotone square cut with thoughtful stitching can lend high end appeal to your next beach adventure.

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