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Collection: Gay Lingerie for Men

Let’s talk about tradition for a minute. Specifically, the tradition where men wear underwear and women wear lingerie. With traditional gender roles being shaken up, and the well-known fact that gay men are a decade ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to fashion trends—is it really any surprise that gay lingerie has become a thing?

A quick browse over some trending Instagram accounts confirms it: gay lingerie is taking over. Buff and greased up gay men in tiny lace thongs—check. A tanned and glorious Adonis flexing his bubble butt in a sweet and silky pair of be-ribboned briefs—found it. This isn’t about kink. It’s about gay men bending social gender-norms and celebrating the fact that lingerie is hot on men, too.

It might have been a delicate pleasure in the underground scene for a few years already, but—thankfully—men in lace teddies or a sexy stocking are making their way to social media. We’re not just talking about a sneaky pair of blush-toned lace briefs under your work slacks, either (although, it’s got to be said: we are so down with that!) Fashion forward men are ditching the gay thong and ripped tank in favor of the sweet seduction of delicate lingerie and silk suspenders. Are you man enough to try it?

Whether you get your kicks from a virginal white thong with silky side ties, or sheer, lace teddies in bold, jewel tones are your thing, we’ve got you covered with the finest offerings in the gay lingerie category. Savor the feel of cool silk cupping your dick, or the scratch of intricate lace over your skin. Embrace the contrast of soft, feminine fabrics on hard, masculine perfection, and explore your feminine side with us.

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