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Collection: Jocks & Thongs

If you’ve been on the queer scene for any length of time, you’ve probably already noticed one thing: jockstraps have earned a place as one of our most beloved wardrobe staples.

And rightly so. From a purely aesthetic point of view, nothing boosts, lifts, and supports you like a few strategically placed straps. Like a wonder-bra for your package, the jock keeps everything firmly in place and on display when you’re on the move. A good jock is worth its weight in gold when it comes to accentuating a glorious bubble-butt, too.

As if those weren’t enough reasons to embrace the gay jock—and they are more than enough reasons—they’re comfortable. No scrunching, squashing, or riding up. No readjusting your underwear or your junk when you’re trying to look cute.

Finally, you’ve got to acknowledge the X-factor: a gay jock is just insanely seductive. On parade, it’s a sure fire attention getter that’s guaranteed to get the eyes on you. On the club scene, it exudes confidence and draws the boys like bees to honey. Even if you’re buttoned down in a suit and heading to the office, a killer jockstrap adds a little je ne sais quois to everyday life.

Whether you’re a jockstrap aficionado or new to the strap game, we’ve rounded up this year’s hottest offerings. Get your sexy on with our collection of seductive gay jocks. Not for the feint hearted, everything we showcase in the jockstrap category is designed to catch the eye and steal the limelight. Bold geometric prints, sexy little motifs, and bright colors create the ultimate in standout gay underwear.

Ready to showcase your body in dick-hugging, butt-lifting style? Then get ready to embrace the gay jock—and get ready for the gay jock to embrace you.

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