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Want some gay boxers? Then you have come to the right place. 

We aim to not only provide you with the greatest gay boxers but also to give you an extra slice of confidence with every pair. When you slip into one of our exclusive pants, we know you will feel sexy, uplifted and like you could take over the world — Beyoncé move over! Who runs the world? YOU. 

For those who want their hips, bum and boys to be fully covered, we have the pantie pairs for you. Pick from a range of materials including cotton, nylon, PVC, lace and much more — don't worry, everything is comfy, you don't have to choose style over substance any more. 

Maybe you want something a bit sexier? We have you covered... well, uncovered really. Some of our gay boxers come with an open-butt type of affair. Your big guys at the front are still held in place to leave a little to the imagination, but your backside is open for your lover to ogle for as long as you let them. Again, we have made sure to make these styles in a load of different materials — cotton, PVC, lace, polyester, even mesh!

Regardless of the kind of boxers you are after, you can pick from so many patterns and colours. Pinks, blues and blacks or paisley, dots and stripes. We have the look that will make you say "ah, that's the one". 

Our gay boxers are made to showcase your assets in the best possible light, all while holding your junk in their trunk. You'll never feel sexier than when you put these bad boys on and get intimate with your boo. 

Have fun, be the queen you are and remember — your pantie dreams were made to come true, by us, for you.

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  • The Raymond - Transparent Mens Rainbow Boxers
    The Raymond - Transparent Mens Rainbow Boxers
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